Gary Michelson sues Mexico saying their tax law is unconstitutional. He loses. Now I’ve seen it all.

I’d seen this post before but I thought “nah, can’t be the same Gary Michelson. Why the hell would he sue the country of Mexico?” The answer is, because he’s crazy Dr. Gary frickin’ Michelson, that’s why. While I read, write and speak Spanish, I will let Google translate this mess for you so you don’t think I’m making this shit up. Gary Michelson’s lawyers need to sit him down and talk some sense into him. This is some crazy ass shit here. When the Mexican Supreme Court calls your ass “crazy,” you, crazy!

Dr. Gary Michelson mentally ill billionaire sues Mexico, yes, the country of Mexico.

(I will make comments in ( ) because Google translate sucks)

“Court Denies Forbes billionaire shelter to wanted to evade taxes in Mexico

Court Denies Forbes billionaire amparo

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJ) definitively denied an injunction U.S. businessman Gary Karlin Michelson, considered by Forbes magazine as one of the 400 richest men in the world, by which aimed to stop paying Tax (ISR) in some of the companies and businesses that have filed in Mexico

Thursday September 12, 2013

The published SSPDF agreement authorizing the rule governing Volunteer Program Service Lower Compensation for medical, paramedical and therapist Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical (ERUM) of the Preventive Police.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJ) definitively denied an injunction U.S. businessman Gary Karlin Michelson, considered by Forbes magazine as one of the 400 richest men in the world, by which aimed to stop paying Tax (ISR) in some of the companies and businesses that have filed in Mexico.

Located at position 328 of the 400 wealthiest figures Forbes, Karlin Michelson requested by an injunction that declared unconstitutional articles 32 and 179 of the Income Tax Law, which limit this tax deductions and force foreigners doing business in our country to pay taxes.

However (without a doubt), the Second Chamber of the High Court ruled that the allegations presented by U.S. businessman are unfounded, arguing that the only income that is taxed foreign businessmen are those that come from its operations in the country.

The ruling also states that the physician and inventor of the American Union (US), with a fortune valued by Forbes at ($1.35 billion) $ 350 million thousand, presented no allegations sufficient to support the constitutionality of the provision.

According to Forbes, Gary Karlin Michelson is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine implants invented for the column (spine), as well as other devices of a medical nature that have yielded at least 250 patents.”

I will go out on a limb here and say maybe Gary is thinking about non-profits in Mexico? Maybe somehow he wants a write off on donations to Mexican charities? I don’t know. If that is his issue, this is how you handle it. My Nana gave almost everything she had to Mexican charities for poor, elderly, orphans. We donated to Catholic Daughters of America in the US. They in turn would hand over our donation to Mexico. We got the write off in the US. Or maybe he has income in Mexico and wants to write off his donations to Mexican charities?

Gary Michelson is like my uncle. Both wealthy, smart, have patents, invented some things, made a lot of money. My uncle tried to find tax shelters all the time. He told me if he just put his money in his mattress and paid his taxes, he’d have even more money. He lost his ass on tax shelters like the pusher prop plane, wind farms and others. Gary is making a ton of money and doesn’t want to pay  his taxes.

In other news they spoofed Gary on an SNL skit. I’m amazed Gary didn’t report Seth Meyers to the FBI for terrorist threats.

“Seth Meyers: Retired surgeon Gary Michelson is offering $75 million to the first person or group who can come up with new ways to sterilize cats and dogs. Meanwhile, cats and dogs are offering $80 million to anyone who can assassinate Gary Michelson.” 

I’m thinking of just telling everyone that I just inherited $2 billion dollars from my uncle. Then I will state I will give $1 billion to charity to end child hunger. I will have people giving me awards, positive press, inviting me to parties, and I just will never give a penny. I will be just like Gary Michelson, all talk.

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